What is Freedom Station?

Freedom Station is a creative project based in London, focused on inspirational storytelling. As art lovers, we made it our mission to celebrate and promote artists through short films and articles. We all admire the art on the stages, in the museums, at the concerts, but our team is sharing with you the life behind the scenes: the passion, hard work and determination of creative people. 

Freedom Station is an online stop, where people meet to empower one another in discovering or rediscovering their passions. We believe in the richness of diversity and are aiming to connect creators from all over the world.


I am a Romanian journalist based in London. After working for more than 10 years in television as a News Reporter , and also Content Producer/Casting Coordinator for talent TV shows, such as The Voice, Romania’s Got Talent , MasterChef, I decided to move to London and challenge myself in an international environment.

Driven by a creative and adventurous spirit, I left a stable and successful career to start from scratch my new life in one of the world’s greatest cities. Surrounded every day by diversity and multiculturalism, I felt inspired to create Freedom Station and share the art around the world through artists’ storytelling. Please join me in this beautiful journey.

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